Start Your Dream Business with Zero Cash and No Employees

Start Your Dream Business with Zero Cash and No Employees
Thimantha | Entrepreneurship | 8th March 2019
Initiating a business is a big dream for many people. Some lucky ones inherit money to start their dream business and some are capable enough to convince big-shot investors to lend them money. Then there are some who don't get both these chances. In the earlier decades if you didn’t have any money, you could never start a business unless you win the lottery. But this is the 21st century. Talent is prioritized over wealth. If you are talented enough to produce something that people want, that's your beginning in the path to success.
There are many ways you can start your dream business without ‘the’ money. This would guide you to make your dream business a reality without the worry of the cash in your pocket.
  • Begin with a few products
Starting a business as an Entrepreneur is tough and hectic, and you might be taking a possible risk. So always start small. If you are selling items, get singles or a few, not a bulk. If you buy in bulk and they don’t sell out during the planned period, you will have to store the stocks in your storage waiting for people to buy them so you can pay the debts off. Get a few or singles and see how the sales go, that way you will not need to spend a lot of money at once as well as you get to understand the requirements of your customers well.
  • Make your employees freelancers
As an entrepreneur you can't do everything by yourself. But, hiring permanent employees is quite costly and risky. If there's a loss in your business, you will have to pay them out of your pocket. Unless your business is stable and ready to be taken to the next stage, try to hire freelancers instead of permanent employees. You can pay for their services only when you need it and you don't need to provide a monthly wage. That way you can save money that generates from your business sales and use that for other needs in your business.
  • Start as a virtual business
By starting as a virtual business you get to save more money. You can rent a small place to have meetings with your clients and freelance employees. You can also get a website for your company if you are ready to get your business online. Getting a website and maintaining it helps a lot on the marketing side of your business. There are companies that develop websites and hosts them for you. Try to give online marketing priority because it will decide the future of your company.
  • Provide free consultation
Offering consultation is a great way to show your prospective clients that you belong in the industry. You are new to the business and many people are afraid to take a risk in your product. There might be many other established companies who do your business in larger scales. You have to show people that you are the different than them. Offering free consultation is the initiative of conveying people that you know the industry well and you are capable of providing the customer what they exactly require. It builds customer faith in you.
  • Retain some cash for the future
This is something which is neglected by many start up entrepreneurs and one of the main reasons for their businesses to fail. When you feel like your business is heading in the right path, make sure you save some cash to be used in emergencies in the future. You started at zero and there is a chance that you might go back to zero. You have to be prepared for the worst. If you start losing money and you need a some investment to stabilize your business, you don't need to ask anyone for loans. The saved cash from your earlier profits would help you to get your business back on its feet. So, always save for the future in case any need arises. 
  • Always be positive
Though this has no connection to the business, it has a strong connection to you. Positivity helps you to have hope in yourself as well as in your business. Be determined to make your dream a reality. Even if you don't have the money, you can always start small, and expand it to a bigger position. Have courage to start your own dream company. Dreamers are winners.