Immersion Cooling Case Study

Step into the immersion cooling revolution, optimizing data centres with enhanced performance and cost-effective solutions for tomorrow's technological demands.

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In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency mining, the relentless pursuit of optimal performance and operational efficiency has led to innovative solutions. This case study delves into a groundbreaking initiative by TWC Innovations, aiming to unlock the full potential of its processing chips by implementing a Two-Phase Immersion Cooled (2PIC) system.


Cryptocurrency mining, where processing power is paramount, necessitates optimising chip performance. Traditional cooling systems often impose limitations, with the risk of overheating, reduced processor lifespan, and increased failure rates. The mining operation recognized the cost implications of processor acquisition versus power consumption. It sought to overcome these constraints by pushing the processors to their limits while ensuring effective temperature management.

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The initial prototype of the 2 Phase Immersion Cooled (2PIC) mining project


β—‹ Develop a working 2PIC prototype with notable performance improvements.

β—‹ Gain a deeper understanding of immersion cooling variables.

β—‹ Explore avenues to bring cost-effective immersion cooling to data centres.

Overcoming Limitations

The pursuit of heightened performance faced challenges related to temperature management, including increased power consumption, elevated fan speeds, and potential system shutdowns. The mining operation strategically removed built-in feedback loops and power voltage limits on the controller units, paving the way for a more tailored and efficient approach. By addressing these limitations, the operation sought to create an environment where processors could operate at peak performance without compromising system integrity.


The company designed and implemented a custom passive Two-Phase Immersion Cooled (2PIC) solution in response to temperature-related challenges. This innovative methodology involved immersing mining chips in a cooling liquid with a high latent heat of evaporation. This continuous cycle of liquid boiling, vapour condensation, and heat dissipation eliminated the need for complex moving parts, providing an efficient and effective cooling solution while allowing processors to operate at their maximum potential.

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The graphical design of the 2PIC system

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The end result of the project


Unprecedented Performance Boost:

● Achieved an impressive ~38.5% increase in processing/computing performance.

● Enabled safe overclocking of chips to their maximum potential without the risk of damage.

Energy Efficiency:

● Realized a ~7% reduction in electricity consumption.

● Lowered the chances of mechanical failure due to the absence of fans, ensuring reliability.

Maintenance Simplified:

● Significantly reduced maintenance requirements with no dust or humidity issues.

● Machines no longer need to be turned off for disassembly and cleaning, enhancing operational continuity.

Space Optimization:

● Occupies approximately 17 times less space compared to traditional cooling methods.

Safety Advancements:

● Utilized Novec 7100 liquid, making the setup essentially fireproof.

● Achieved a substantial reduction in noise levels.

Commercial Landscape

1. Limited Providers:

Only a handful of providers were identified through a Google search, but the technology showed promise for applications beyond cryptocurrency mining

2. Early Industry Adoption:

Acknowledged immersion cooling, especially 2PIC, is in the early stages of industrial adoption.

3. Tailored Applications:

Recognized that high-density computing, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency mining, can particularly benefit from immersion cooling.

Financial Impact

The financial implications of the 2PIC implementation were substantial, with estimated savings of approximately 5.19 million LKR in electricity costs and an impressive revenue increase of around 65.3 million LKR attributed to performance improvements.


The successful implementation of the 2PIC prototype in the cryptocurrency mining operation demonstrates the transformative potential of immersion cooling technologies. By strategically addressing temperature-related challenges, the company achieved significant performance improvements and cost savings and paved the way for broader applications in data centre cooling. The case study underscores the importance of continuous innovation in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining, with the potential to influence cooling practices in other high-density computing domains. The results affirm the effectiveness of the 2PIC approach in achieving the set objectives and optimizing the mining operation's overall performance and efficiency, signalling a paradigm shift in the industry towards more sustainable and efficient cooling solutions.

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